Bolsa de Valores Socioambientais

Socio-Environmental Investment Exchange - BVSA

Pioneering initiative created by B3 in 2003 with the support of brokers, is a fundraising platform with format similar to a stock exchange. Virtual environment donations safe, practical and transparent, with full payment of the amounts donated to projects and full accountability. It aims to encourage the donation culture in Brazil, connecting two ends: Brazilian organizations that need support for their environmental projects and social investors. The BVSA, featuring Daniela Mercury as godmother, has the support of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and was recognized by the Global Compact as a study case and model to be followed by other exchanges. Your model has been replicated in South Africa and Portugal. Since its inception, the BVSA has raised more than R $ 17 million for 157 projects throughout Brazil.


BVSA, BrazilFoundation united for social transformation

The B3 Institute and BrazilFoundation are united by a common vision of creating a culture of Transformative Philanthropy in Brazil, coupled with a belief that their purposes and competencies are complementary  Since February, the two entities have been co-operators and co-investors at B3’s Socio-Environmental Investment Exchange (BVSA).

This joint effort allows each listed socio-environmental project to receive an initial investment of R$ 50,000 from BrazilFoundation. In addition to this, the project can raise up to R$ 50,000 from sponsors in Brazil and abroad who already invest in socioenvironmental projects through the BVSA. The projects will be listed for up to one year, after which they will be replaced by new ones.

The objective of the partnership is to encourage sponsors to support carefully selected socio-environmental projects, with proven results, in order to create a fairer and more egalitarian society. The two institutions will maintain their organizational, institutional and governance identities.

BVSA and the BrazilFoundation believe that by combining global visions, accumulated experience and lessons they can celebrate the construction of an unprecedented model in Brazil. They give Brazil and the world a real example of how the sum of institutions’ competencies strengthens their respective missions.


How it works

How it works

Investors and the organizations can use the website to see how much is being donated to each project.

Model Donation Project

Investors can track the project’s progress and monitor its results in the reports available on BVSA’s website.

This is an absolutely transparent process, based on the model for B3 trading practices. Thus, organizations pass through a rigorous selection process to list projects on the BVSA. Furthermore, when the fundraising period has ended, BVSA monitors the use of these funds to guarantee that they are going towards the previously established objectives.

Select the project for investment according to beneficiary geographic area or public. If you prefer you can also choose a theme to donate to, thus helping several organizations at once.


HistoryCreated in 2003 under the name Social Investment Exchange (BVS) with a focus on education based initiatives, the program was renamed Socio-Environmental Investment Exchange (BVSA) in 2007, when it incorporated environment-related projects. 

Recognized by the United Nations  (UN) as a case study and model for other exchanges worldwide, the BVSA has official support from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization  (Unesco). In this way, the BVSA served as inspiration for the 2006 creation of the South African Social Investment Exchange (Sasix) with institutional support from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Drawing strength from this innovative spirit and after analyzing BVSA results over the past few years, in 2012 the B3 Social Investment decided to review its project selection process criteria and align them with the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

As the MDGs deadline approaches, in 2015 the United Nations launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a bid to draw on the momentum and commitment created by the MDGs so that governments, civil society and other partners together can carry forward an ambitious post-2015 development agenda.

Within this context, the BVSA has adopted the 5 Ps (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership) to reflect the 17 MDGs as a selection criterion for projects listed as of 2016. 

BVSA Honorary Board

  • Gilson Finkelsztain - President
  • Daniel Sonder - Vice president
  • Antoninho Marmo Trevisan
  • Cristovam Buarque
  • Daniel Feffer
  • Daniela Mercury
  • Elizabeth Serra
  • Evelyn Ioschpe
  • Fabio José Feldmann
  • Guiomar Namo de Mello
  • João Paulo Capobianco
  • José Goldemberg
  • Kaká Werá Jecupé
  • Léo Voigt
  • Marcelo Vespoli Takaoka
  • Milú Villela
  • Raí de Oliveira
  • Stela Goldenstein
  • Unesco – Lucien Munoz
  • Pnud – Niky Fabiancic