FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you have the frequently asked questions. If after checking them you do not get the information you need, please contact us.

Why invest in BVSA?

The BVSA website is a safe, easy and transparent way to invest in socio-environmental projects across Brazil, given that:

•The organizations listed on BVSA pass through a rigorous selection process before being able to raise resources;

•Projects are monitored by BVSA’s partner BrazilFoundation, up until their finalization;

•You can select projects by theme, geographical region or beneficiary public;

•You can donate as little as BRL 20.00;

•Donations can be made by credit card or bank payment slip;

•All of the resources raised by BVSA are passed along in full to the organization’s project with there being no fee or deduction. 

•You can monitor the evolution of your socio-environment investments, finding out about the organization’s activities through the BVSA website and accessing reports about the projects in which it invests.

Who can list projects on the BVSA?

•Those eligible to list on BVSA are not-for-profit Brazilian organizations that were incorporated at least three years ago and which develop their activities in Brazilian territory.

•Organizations that have had their projects listed on BVSA must wait one year after the end of the project before registering other projects in the selection process. The same project may not be listed more than once on BVSA.

How can an organization register with BVSA?

Organizations that want to have projects on the BVSA website must fill out the online form available here or via annual notice through the BrazilFoundation website.

The submitted projects will be analyzed by BrazilFoundation, in accordance with the criteria listed in the rules. If the team sees that the project is in line with BVSA criteria, it will go onto the next stage of the selection process.

At the second selection stage the organizations will be visited by BrazilFoundation and will have to provide documentation proving their legal and financial status. 

After the technical visits, the BVSA Selection Committee – made up of the BM&FBOVESPA Institute of Education Associate Director, a member of BM&FBOVESPA and an external member – will select the projects that will be listed.

When should organizations register?

BVSA receives registrations for projects continuously and lists new projects once a year. BrazilFoundation initiates registrations through an annual notice, generally in the second half. 

How much can I request?

Organizations that wish to list projects on BVSA may request up to BRL 90,000, which shall be done in compliance with the rules as follows: 

•Stage One: selected projects will receive around BRL 40,000 directly from BrazilFoundation in order to get the project off of the ground;

•Stage Two: projects approved for a listing will have a year to raise up to another BRL 50,000 on the BVSA platform.

When does the organization receive the money raised via BVSA?

The resources raised via the BVSA website will be transferred to the organization, in full and with no tax or other deduction, after the project reaches the total value requested at the moment of listing, bearing in mind that the value can be up to BRL 50,000.

If the listing is brought to an end, what happens to the money donated to the project?

If the organization or BVSA decides to bring the fundraising to an end, BVSA will assess the viability of passing along the resources raised up until then to the project. If BVSA decides not to pass along the resources to the project, the amount that has been raised will be redistributed as follows:

•Total funds will be distributed among projects listed under the same theme (Millennium Goal or Millennium Development Goals);

•If there are no projects listed under the same theme, the resources will be distributed among projects localized in the same region of the country (Center-West, Northeast, North, Southeast, South);

•If there are no projects localized in the same region of the country, the resources will be distributed among projects with the same beneficiary public; 

•If there are no projects that fit the above descriptions, BVSA will decide the destination of the resources.

How does BVSA control the use of the money raised by the organization?

During the fundraising period, the organizations send biannual monitoring reports, which are available to investors on the website.

As of the receipt of the first installment of the resources, the organizations have up to six months to begin implementation of the Project. After the start of the projects’ implementation the organizations submit technical reports on a biannual basis to BVSA, which are available to investors on the website. 

BrazilFoundation also monitors the implementation of projects via inspections and technical visits. The data obtained about the projects by monitoring and other activities are compiled biannually and sent to the investors. 

At the end of the projects the investors will also receive a report with the main results. These results are published in the BVSA website.

Why has BVSA decided to support projects related to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN?

BM&FBOVESPA is a signatory to the Global Compact initiative of the UN, whereby the private sector together with UN agencies and social agents contribute to advancing corporate social responsibility practices, constructing a more sustainable and inclusive global economy.

It is also a member of the Global Compact Brazilian Committee and was the first stock exchange in the world to adhere to the Compact, in 2004. 

The Global Compact has two goals. The first is to encourage the alignment of business policies and practices to the principles of human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and combatting corruption. The second goal is to be a catalyst for actions that support broader UN targets, including the Millennium Development Goals. 

In step with the United Nations (UN), the Socio-Environmental Investment Exchange (BVSA) will adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that will substitute the old MDGs as use them as selection criteria as of the next listing of new socio-environmental projects, scheduled for January 2016.

The BM&FBOVESPA Institute, via BVSA, supports the United Nations effort and of all of those who believe that it is possible to identify the roots of our most urgent socio-environment problems and act to mitigate or eliminate once and for all their impact on the sustainable development of the planet.

We thus reaffirm the belief that together we can be capable of effectively contributing towards the construction of more just, equal and sustainable society.

Does BVSA reserve a number of places for each theme?

No. The distribution of projects among areas is solely based on the technical merit of each project.